by Matt Lebofsky

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released February 23, 2008

All songs written, performed, engineered, and mixed by Matt Lebofsky




Matt Lebofsky Oakland

I am/was in many bands. Bodies Floating Ashore, miRthkon, Secret Chiefs 3, MoeTar, Faun Fables, Research & Development, Fuxedos, Three Piece Combo, Fuzzy Cousins, Mumble & Peg. Herein you'll find my solo stuff and other oddities, pretty much entirely played/recorded by me unless noted otherwise. ... more


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Track Name: Bumble Bat
We're setting sail - wind at our tail - not for the frail.
We're off you know - straight and narrow - not to and fro.

Off you'll be - in the salty sun - everyone off with me!
Off you'll be - in the salty sun - everyone off with me!

Here not we stay - no time to lay - must make our way.
This bat will fly - impish and spry - this is goodbye!

Off you'll be...

Everybody off! Everybody off! Everybody off!
Track Name: Ich Warte
Horst du den Krach
Ich warte - Ich warte
Alle werden Gleich
Ich warte - Ich warte.
Track Name: Tropical Storm
Pack it up, baby, there's a front comin' through
Where are all the children?
Don't bother with the pictures or grandmother's ashes
Let's go!
Time to meet the neighbors
They're your best friends now that the world is crumbling

Don't you think that you're entitled
And all will come if you believe?
Don't you think that you deserve a better life than you've been given?
But don't look at me - I've got what I need.

Don't you think that you're entitled?
This isn't filed under greed
Don't you think that you deserve a better life than you've been given?
But don't look at me - I've got what I need!
Track Name: Dark Innards
Sun in her hair - red roses about us
Day gives way to night and so it goes
Out of our lair and step into moonlight
Things never seem the same...

Think about the reasons why you'd want to stay inside
Think about the hopelessness you cover up with pride
Think about regret and pain that never will subside

Open up the demon box and let those bastards free
Open up the journals that I never get to see
Open up your heart and soul and give it all to me
And can I still believe you?

Of course, one more question: Can I take you out this Friday?
Track Name: Point of Rocks
The sun rose behind me - suddenly there's open space
The road feels lonely now since it's clear that I'm no place
I push and press and hope for something:
Help? A word? A long embrace?

The sun lifts higher still yet I can't stare into its face
I'm tired of drying in the desert
Sick of drowning in the sea

So how long till I'm gone? How long till I'm gone?
Track Name: Nanuet
Endless sea of pavement
No bicycles or trees
Flatter than a tombstone
You still occupy my home
Why can't you leave bad enough alone?

Memories will languish
On the hard drive in my skull
I try - I can't erase them
You still occupy...
Track Name: Counterfeit Answer
I am but a simple guy
I work my eight and clean my plate
I watch the news and get the clues all straight

You are not so literal
The words you twist to make a fist
And flail about to punch me out
But I can spot a mile away the lies that you say!

You are the worst case in point
You make us tense but your two cents
Ain't worth a penny - or that many

I can spot a mile away the total crap you say
The faulty facts you spoke
You one big fat joke!
Track Name: Shit Comes Right Off
Open up your sorry shell
Stale and wrapped in plastic
This is how the world begins and ends
Aim high!

Listen to the words inside
Beauty in disaster
Empty wallet, empty bed and so... why not?

If you're old and lost your way
You can change your own fate
People will appreciate the strong action

You're coming home
Watch the newscast
You're not alone but you're the last
Track Name: Tabla for Two
Over there by the kitchen - can't ignore the sound
Over there by the front door - can't ignore the wind
Over there by the window - can't ignore the sights
They take me from you
Distract me from you...
Track Name: World Cup
Don't take this the wrong way but I find it amusing
That more than one billion humans
Were fixated on the outcome
Of an athletic event ultimately decided
By a childish and pointless act of aggression
And the tally of a series of quite rudimentary
Yet seemingly random ball-kicking exercises.
Track Name: Starlight Problem
Empty and silent and giant in scope
But up there's a grain of hope
They try to listen but nary a word
Don't you think it's absurd
That the sky's not crashing in, sea's not rising?
The deep dark ceiling is so surprising
But the stars are drifting out - suns are burning
Our big blue cradle is barely turning

Why are we blinded by nothing we see?
So who wove this tapestry
That depicts a father that we're never with?
Don't you think it's a myth
That the sky's...

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