by Matt Lebofsky

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released January 19, 2009

All songs written, performed, mixed, and engineered by Matt Lebofsky




Matt Lebofsky Oakland

I am/was in many bands. Bodies Floating Ashore, miRthkon, Secret Chiefs 3, MoeTar, Faun Fables, Research & Development, Fuxedos, Three Piece Combo, Fuzzy Cousins, Mumble & Peg. Herein you'll find my solo stuff and other oddities, pretty much entirely played/recorded by me unless noted otherwise. ... more


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Track Name: No
I can't explain my life today
The beats are quite erratic
Since that person spoke to me that way
It really was traumatic
Now my head is like a radio
That picks up only static
I say: no no no no no no no no

The twitches are distracting
And the dizzy spells sporadic
So I cannot help to think these things
Are probably symptomatic
Of a new kind of condition
That is idiosyncratic
I say: no no no no no no no no

I go to see my doctor
But the bastard's so dogmatic
He prescribes the same things every time
He runs on automatic
Plus I'll never trust his judgement
Since he liked "The Life Aquatic"
I say: no no no no no no no no

Now I find that sounds are blinding
And some words are aromatic
And I suddenly black out
And wake up hiding in my attic
But there is a real solution
And the thought makes me ecstatic
I'll say: no no no no no no no no

No no no no no no no no!
Track Name: Blind Date
I don't mind the food on your breath
The grease on your fingers
The stuff in your teeth

I don't mind the things that you say
Your eyes look away
I think that's... okay...

I can love you...
Track Name: Pot Committed
I have this unframed painting - the artist was confused
A dozen wilted matchbooks that I'll never use
A box of unpaid tickets I got in other states
And letters from old friends that I now kinda hate

So long to all the things that manifest in my reality
So long to clutter rotting in my core
Let's push it to the curb and pray
For divine luck and sympathy
I hope I don't need this stuff anymore

A milkcrate full of comic books - no these aren't mine
A former lazy resident left these behind
A pile of screwdrivers and yep no phillips heads
Here's a high school textbook that I never read

So long...
Track Name: Their Turf
All the righteous feeling pity for the critters in their bin
They're the furthest from the city
Still they capture life within

The land is an ocean - no lifeboat
The sand is in motion and I can't float

All the crickets on the carpet and spiders in the sink
They're so honest they can't help it
They act and never think

Your words are like daggers on my throat
My soul stands and staggers - the scapegoat

And I'll sail towards the horizon a lifetime's miles away
You can't withstand the bright sun
So in the hive you'll stay
Track Name: Misanthrope
I made a call - don't expect an answer
I sent e-mail - did it ever get through?
I spent a week making a shitty press-pack
Just so I could play your lame venue

Well never mind
It's kinda late
I'm way too tired
I'm 38!
Track Name: Wrong Impression
There's a notion I'm uncool - that's a fat lie
Time for you to go to school and to learn why
I'm all the rage
And your little world's my stage

There's a motion to dismiss - that's a hate crime
'Cuz here's an ass ripe for your kiss - take your sweet time!
Track Name: The Human Race
How's the world you made up?
Is it all you ever thought?
Do people even live there?
You shouldn't count the ones you caught

And don't believe that all the things you do
Are honest, worthy, true
That's quite a pair: your ego and you

Will you ever grow up
Or rely on endless charm?
Reality is painful
Soon it will grab your arm

And pull your hair and punch you in the face
With elegance and grace
And maybe then you'll join the human race

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