by Matt Lebofsky

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released July 3, 2007

All songs written, performed, engineered, and mixed by Matt Lebofsky




Matt Lebofsky Oakland

I am/was in many bands. Bodies Floating Ashore, miRthkon, Secret Chiefs 3, MoeTar, Faun Fables, Research & Development, Fuxedos, Three Piece Combo, Fuzzy Cousins, Mumble & Peg. Herein you'll find my solo stuff and other oddities, pretty much entirely played/recorded by me unless noted otherwise. ... more


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Track Name: Glom
I got a lot of knowledge and healthy experience
Got a lot of big ideas - creatively intense
But my crappy work ethic defies good common sense

A big box full of drawings and a dresser full of tapes
All dusty in my basement plotting dangerous escapes
Some call it lack of ambition - some call it sour grapes

For all my insecurities I thank my dear old mom
Instead of starting anything I glom! I glom! I glom!

I wanna be successful I just don't know what to do
Let me in your clubhouse and I'll prove I have a clue
So I can flee rejection just by hiding behind you

It's all very upsetting - whatever trip I'm on
How do I make things happen? I glom! I glom! I glom!
Track Name: Spot
Get another fire on - the day was so long but now it is gone
Warm together by its light
My arm is around and holding you tight
I'm exhausted but I don't care
We still have this spot to share
Brilliant skies - close your eyes...

Morning whispers in my ear
The sun is awake - the distance is clear
Our whole life is in our packs
It's time to press on - someday we'll be back
When exactly? I don't know
Which way will the next wind blow
These grains of sand - hand in hand?
Track Name: Year of Nothing
Empty weekends by the stove
Pointless morning rituals
Empty boxes: calendar
What the hell am I waiting for?

Empty driveway, lonely curb
Painted sign: "do not disturb"
Empty promise, moldy bread
Want to get the hell out of my head
Track Name: Enterlude
The cranes they fill up the sky
The city is ingrown - a modern miracle
The space comes from within
And now a shopping mall - a former DMZone

The cranes are spinning around
Pluck people from the east so the west could shove right in
And enjoy cobblestone
A bar, a cafe, too - neither are meant for you 'cuz it's mine
It's mine - it's mine - it is mine - it's mine
And you didn't have to kick it
Track Name: Osedax
I'm a female tubeworm
Living on the bottom of the ocean
Clinging to the ribs of dead whale carcasses
This is all I can eat...

There are men living inside of me!
There are men living inside of me!
There are men living inside of me!
There are men living inside of me!
Track Name: Making Faces
The mirror lies to me - it lies right to my stupid face
It give advice for free, not sympathy
But something more like pain
Without protective bubble wrapping

The mirror laughs at me and I'm not in on the joke
It giggles boastfully 'cuz it's not me
It's just some special glass reflecting light in my direction

The mirror goes to sleep whenever I'm not in the room
And I prefer the way - don't talk, okay?
You just might wake it up and I'll be drawn into its quarters
Track Name: Return
Pulling off the highway on MacArthur Ave.
Could not remember all the crap we have
Backpack still plastered with mud

We approach the household - spill out of the jeep
Now surrounded by the stuff we keep
Messages on the machine

Don't turn on computer lest you check e-mail
Why do I feel like I'm back in jail?
Why am I so happy to be back home?
Track Name: Beyond the Hills You'll Find a Long Dirt Road with a Beautiful House at the End Which Actually Doesn't Exist
What did you expect? Nobody told you
At the dirt road's end there is nothing
Did you think there'd be a house?
Some kind of landmark?
So are your hopes dashed? I'm not sorry

'Cuz who decides where to put the plumbing in?
And who decides where to place the traffic lights?

What did you believe? Nobody taught you
At the long life's end there is nothing
Wanna leave a legacy? You're so important!
Want to change the world in your lifetime?

But who decides where to lay the green grass down?
And who decides where to plant the apple tree?
Who decides if it isn't up to you or me?

What do you wish for now? Nobody saved you
At the sermon's end there is silence
Have escape in mind? Pathetic coward!
Want to build a big bomb and destroy it instead?

So who decides what to leave on your tombstone?
Who decides when it's time to dig your bones?
Who decides how the world will linger on?
Who decides now that you are gone?

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