Midline Errors

by Midline Errors

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released February 1, 2006

All songs written and performed by Matt Lebofsky except:
Bus Wreck (music by Matt, Mark Schifferli, Jai Young Kim)
Voices (two measures inspired by Jai Young)
Sick Building Syndrome (Jenya Chernoff on metal junk).

Engineered by Dan Rathbun (1,3,5,6,7,10,11) at Polymorph Studios and
Jenya (2,4,8,9) at Guerrilla Recording in fits and starts between 1996 and 2001.
Mixed at Polymorph between 1999 and 2001 by Dan and Matt.

Package art by Eric Lebofsky - Design by Jenya




Matt Lebofsky Oakland

I am/was in many bands. Bodies Floating Ashore, Monstrika, Secret Chiefs 3, miRthkon, MoeTar, Faun Fables, Research & Development, Fuxedos, Three Piece Combo, Fuzzy Cousins, Mumble & Peg. Herein you'll find my solo stuff and other oddities, pretty much entirely played/recorded by me unless noted otherwise. ... more


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Track Name: Agoraphobia
I live in a castle - I have complete control
I change all the channels - Some say I've no soul

And when I try to sleep I see the red and white
And hear the siren screams tearing through the night

I remain in bed - There's no fear no dread
Christmas in my head - I was bored tonight
I guess it doesn't really matter

I have all solutions but please leave me alone
You work out your problems - Just don't torch my home

And when I step outside don't watch or follow me
I'll keep the panic down and pray you'll never see

How I can't rely on the open sky
And when the stirs of life catch my rabbit eyes
I'll be paralyzed - I can't speak at all
I guess it doesn't really matter
Track Name: The Campers
She packed away our rations and I put them in the car
Granola, soup, a dozen apples and some caviar
Got campwear forest green purchased from L.L. Bean
And faded out of this rural scene

After searching high and low
We found a site on 16th Street
We climbed up on the sidewalk
And placed a pit to cook and heat
In no time pitched our tent with the circulation vent

We spent the night gazing through the neon glow
With mysterious tunes from the subway below
Behold what wonders of nature the buildings high
Spiralling infinitely to the sky
Oh, screw the redwood trees - they can't touch these

In the morning caught a pigeon
And we spun him on the fire
The jungle was alive
With blaring horns and screeching tires
The ritual of hailing cabs, the scent of hot dog stands
Oh, what a beautiful land

Then she put film in the camera
And we hiked ourselves some views
Got great big shots of parking lots
And stands for shining shoes
One snap of me I try to feed this homeless guy

We wanted to especially avoid the midtown park
They say it gets dangerous there after dark
There's hunters in gangs
Searching trouble with eyes red hot
And if you're not careful you'll get yourself shot
So we broke down the camp,
Found the car and made good time
leaving these natural beauties behind
Oh, back to Boringsville where the woods grow still
Time to cut the grass - Oh, what a pain in the ass!
Track Name: Cancer
So what if I can't tie my own shoe?
That's no reason to come down on me
So what if I feel such pain? I wallow in your sympathy

Just let your thoughts run wild you ignorant moon child
You think you know the score? No.. you don't know

So where were you when things fell apart?
You were nowhere to be found
And if I beg for advice
You would respond without a sound

You squeeze us till we gasp in your empathic grasp
You think you feel our pain? No.. you don't know

Just don't think you're defiled
With my sickness moon child
You think you'll save us all? No.. you don't know
Track Name: Johnny Rosin
Why does everyone listen through the floor
Or stake out your house?
Call me when they're done
I'll pass the time inside my head
Practicing my bitter worry: "I'm just fine"

What's a harsher lie:
I thought you didn't smoke
I thought you wanted time alone
Drinking up the nerve because these words are trite:
"Please pretend you're mine tonight"

So easy to avoid, so thrilling to ignore - am I late again?
Yeah, but what's the point?
You wouldn't even try with me
I could have been the best part of your life - you'll see

Getting out of sight and washing off this dirt
Am I supposed to know who you are?
Does Johnny have a life or are you satisfied
Living happy ever now?

Don't forget to write..
Track Name: Truant
I came to in seething pain with a skidmark on my brain
It was half past noon and a dull stench filled the room
And I tried to pick myself up off the floor
But I couldn't make it to the door
And there were people there
With funny colors in their hair
It takes a fool to say he's sorry.. God I'm sorry.. not!

I left her house at 6:00am
And I kissed her lips good night
But the new sun had appeared to conquer me with light
And I squinted as I fumbled for my keys
And a sudden wind wisped through the trees
And I looked up to see there ain't nobody else but me
It takes a love to say he's sorry.. Yeah I'm sorry.. right!

I've got no friends that let me down

I felt my life was screeching by
It was time to set things straight
To crack down and use what's there
Beneath this metal plate
And when the money came I thought it all was great
But I learned the lesson much too late
Who are those people there who never look
They only stare?
It takes a friend to say he's sorry.. God I'm sorry..

I've got no friends that let me down
I've got no friends - I let them down!
Track Name: Bus Wreck
There was a bus wreck outside of mommy's house
We were asleep when we heard the skids
Then the large bang of a ten car pileup
Around a school bus packed with kids
Now there are hubcaps rolling around
Now there are lightposts knocked to the ground
Now there are mufflers flung to the curb
Some nasty business for a suburb

There was a bus wreck outside of mommy's house
Such bloody carnage so soon past dawn
Of all the children flung from the windows
Ending up mostly on mommy's lawn
They once were toddlers - now they are guts
We could see muscles through pulsing cuts
We could see kidneys - we could see spleens
We could see lymph nodes - it's quite obscene

There was a bus wreck outside of mommy's house
And I should have been out there, too
But I stayed home because I told mom I don't feel good
It's just a lie - there was a book report due
A modern art piece out in the street
Of twisted metal and throbbing meat
I'll tell my children - I'll tell my wife
How playing hooky - it saved my life
Track Name: Voices
The kids are all downstairs, mon freres, eleventh grade
There's nothing going on beyond the jokes we trade
But hyperactive boys make noise and it's my pad
We're getting louder and I'm getting mad
You're gonna wake my dad!

I try to keep them down but sound will leak upstairs
No matter what I do into my parents' lair
I keep a watchful ear in fear the silence breaks
Above I hear the thud a footfall makes
My God, my dad's awake!

A faceless voice bursts from the dark:
"Jesus Christ, it's half past two!
Don't you know we're trying to sleep up here?
What the hell is wrong with you!"

My throbbing renal glands, dad slams his bedroom door
And now my confidants don't want to hang no more
But noone makes the break
Mistake - the whispers come
And chatter turns to shouts - we're deaf and dumb
And chatter turns to shouts - our brains are numb
My dad creeps down the stairs my good friends say:
"Heh! Gotta run!"
Track Name: Kid Sister
She's a good kid
And I don't remember you getting as bent on things I did
There's no need to shout
Would you like to call me back when it's all worked out?

You better watch what you say
Because you never know
These words they might hurt you someday

It's no big deal
And I can appreciate the gnarliness you feel
But it's your call
Because I'm much too far away to make a stand at all
Track Name: Suzie Speex
Who is this my black haired angel
With red lipstick on her veil?
Why does she arouse this straight-edge male?
I shiver when I hear her voice slither around the melody
O.. Suzie, Suzie.. O.. Suzie speex to me..

I'd like to think I'm a grown up now
I don't listen to bands like the Cure
And I haven't touched that stuff since '84.
But I turn on the radio - I'm spellbound by her imagery
O.. Suzie, Suzie.. O.. Suzie speex to me
Track Name: The Story of my Life
Cry to me, O weary, O disappointed
O lost without a clue
Then spare me your problems
Because I have it worse off than you

I've put up with people and their petty complaints
More empty promises from friends turning fake
I've put up with favors because I'm such a saint
But noone responds to the effort I make

Aim high and shoot low and miss completely
And get two inches off the ground
This my new motto: Every silver lining has its cloud

I've put up with pleasure, I've put up with pain
From bad relationships - what did I gain?
I've put up with bad luck to the highest degree
When will some good fortune spill onto me?

If I had one wish
I'd wish for a new life
Where I wouldn't have to wish for things
A life full of love without loss
Of maraschino cherries on the beach
Of all hopes fulfilled

But you know so damn well that this will never happen!

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