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Five Hours Twenty Songs

by Matt Lebofsky

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All ahead of you now Evermind What you see What you learn What you become


On Saturday, January 13th 2018, I spent the afternoon writing, recording, and mixing 20 songs from scratch. They are only about 19 seconds each on average, but please still let me call them songs. More about the motivation below. These micro epics are presented here not as some grand work of art, as much as a (hopefully) joyous glimpse into my psyche at that moment. And as such I pasted them all together into one long suite to be experienced as a whole. Here are the individual song titles (and the timing index when they begin):

1. It’s Getting Away! (0:00)
2. No, I Won’t Answer the Door (0:10)
3. Pleasant Dreams About my Neighbors Going to Sleep Already (0:30)
4. Beaver Dam Made Out of Me (0:46)
5. Yamn (0:58)
6. Pretending You Know Anything About New York (1:11)
7. Habits of the Useless (1:27)
8. Parking Meter Expiring in Slow Motion (1:59)
9. Bad Flu Year (2:19)
10. I Once Didn’t Do That (2:35)
11. Meth Major (2:56)
12. Never Getting Used to That (3:20)
13. What You Become (3:41)
14. In Fact, You Are (4:08)
15. Feeling Pretty Damn Smug Right Now (4:38)
16. Observed But Not Judged (5:02)
17. Vacation in my Head (5:18)
18. Brand New Device (5:32)
19. Risk Averse (5:48)
20. Yeah, Whatever! (6:05)

Instrumentation: Drum kit, keyboards, basses (plucked, picked, and slapped), guitars, voices, shaker, tambourine, tenor saxophone, and then all manner of MIDI bullshit.


Over the past 15+ years various musical friends and I would partake in a day-long game: we’d spend the morning/afternoon composing brand new songs, recording all the parts ourselves, mixing them, and then that evening get together to listen to each other’s work over food and drinks. I’m sure you’ve heard me blather about this sort of activity before. Anyway, it’s great fun and good for maintaining recording/composing chops. As an inspiration the goal of the game is to make 20 songs. Nobody ever comes close unless they prioritize quantity over quality (or they are insane), but nevertheless it’s always been the standard measurement of success.

As I woke on this particular morning I checked my life notes and realized this was going to be my 75th time doing this game. I feel like I’ve generated some pretty decent work during all these previous attempts, but never even came close to doing 20 songs. So fuck it - I entered my studio at 11:30am and got cracking. I was finished by 5:30pm. So what you are hearing, excluding food/bathroom breaks, and 15 minutes spent figuring out why one preamp was distorting, represents about 5 hours of total effort. Hire me.


released January 17, 2018

All composing/performing/recording/mixing by Matt Lebofsky




Matt Lebofsky Oakland

I am/was in many bands. Bodies Floating Ashore, Monstrika, Secret Chiefs 3, miRthkon, MoeTar, Faun Fables, Research & Development, Fuxedos, Three Piece Combo, Fuzzy Cousins, Mumble & Peg. Herein you'll find my solo stuff and other oddities, pretty much entirely played/recorded by me unless noted otherwise. ... more


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